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Should I get off Pristiq now or wait a little longer?

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I am new to the Crazy Boards and new to meds.

I have clinical depression (not sure what clinical before depression is supposed to mean) and general anxiety disorder.

I was just put on my first med ever. I have been on 50mg of Pristiq for 25 days now. About 4 days into this I had a horrible head ache for 2 whole days in the back of my head! Never had a head ache in the back of my head before. I couldn't sleep and felt sick. That went away, but the base of my skull and neck ache all the time now.

I am not about to cry at the drop of a hat anymore, which is great! But I still have anxiety attacks which is not great, since I was more upset about them than the depression.

I have a major side effect that really bothers me. Please excuse my frankness, but I can't think of a way to say this without being blunt. I still want to have sex, but my orgasms are almost nothing.

Does anyone else have these problems on Pristiq?

Should I call my Pdoc now or give it a little more time until my 10/7 appointment?

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I try to give all meds at least six weeks. You might also need to raise the dose and then wait some more for the effect of the increase to kick in. It's also possible that your doc might want to keep you on this but add something else to help with the anxiety.

The side effect you describe is common with many antidepressants. Since you're getting some benefit from this now it would be a shame if you changed to another med only to find it didn't work as well but still had the same side effect.

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welcome to CB. You can read about lots of Pristiq experiences in these threads. I have limited experience with meds, but it took quite a while for my Pristiq side effects to subside, but it was worth it.

[link=http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=23625&hl=pristiq" target="_blank]Pristiq guinea pig[/link]

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- Blue

Did the sexual side effects go away too, after a while?

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Pristiq really saved my life. I had been depressed for so long that I was about to give up hope of ever feeling any semblance of "normal" again. The drug took a good two months to work. After that, I was feeling interest in the things that I used to enjoy, such as reading, interest in my pets, my family, and such. I have had no side effects at all,to speak of....nothing wrong with my GI system, sexually, no headaches, feeling wierd, etc. The only thing I notice is that I am a little high strung, but that is my baseline and I just need to be aware of it and take it easy on myself.

I hope that you find something that helps you as much as this has. I was very skeptical of Pristiq. My new pdoc said that it is not digested by the liver and that helps with side effects as well as the health of the organ.

My best wishes to you.

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