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Zoloft- What to expect?

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Hi all!

I'm being put on Zoloft for depression. I'm also on Abilify, Invega and Topamax for schizoaffective disorder and borderline personality disorder. What can I expect from Zoloft? Should I expect to feel apathetic? Loss of libido? Oh, and weight gain? Share your experiences please. Thanks.

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I've noticed that you've been switching meds a lot lately which must be really stressful.

I've noticed that you ask a lot of questions about the meds you are going to be taking- But be careful about finding out what other people have experienced from the med vs. finding out what you are supposed to expect from the med. If you take other people's experience into consideration too much you may find yourself having those side effects because of all the things you have heard that you are supposed to expect.

Things like apathy are difficult to say for each person. Loss of libido might be a more common thing and other physical side effects can be more common, but personality and psychiatric effects, while helpful to know, aren't always going to be the same for everyone. So just keep it in mind, ok?

I just don't want you to sabotage yourself without realizing it.


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