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Provigil as a tranquilizer?


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This isn't really a question, just a surprise. My pdoc rx'd Provigil to try to increase my non-existent energy and keep me from falling asleep when I drive (a constant struggle to stay awake). I don't have any signs of ADD/ADHD, btw.

This morning I took my first dose (200 mg) and was surprised that I reacted to it like it was a tranquilizer. I became totally mellow, completely "at peace" in a chemically-induced way. I don't care about anything, am not bothered by anything. Everything's OK. I still feel like I'm going to fall asleep at the wheel, I still have zero energy, life while depressed still sucks, but who cares? I feel so mellow. I'm just floating along . . .

I'm sure this is just a temporary thing, and that it will change after I'm on it for more than one day. Still, it was surprising.

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Hey Corvid,

Provigil is also known as a "mood brightner", perhaps explaining your peaceful groove.

My doc prescribed it about three years ago specifically in the hopes that it would act as an AD of sorts. (I also have sleep apnea and the ever-present sleepiness you described).

I change my dose throughout the month according to my menstrual cycle and it usually takes about a day for a dose change to work its magic.

I hope it provides the peaceful wakefulness you desire ;)

Provigil Peace,


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Is Provigil very different than adderall? I'm going to have to look it up. I was put on Adderall for mood. I'm thinking the Provigil might've been better...

Anyway, good luck Corvid! The adderall did give me energy eventually.. I think it's like Pheonix said, you have to find the dosage that works for you.

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No, I'm quite sure I don't have ADD or ADHD. My husband has ADHD, so I'm familiar with the signs. I'm just about as opposite as you can get, in fact. I'm very organized, can stay focused even doing the most boring of tasks, I am "hypo-active", if that's a word, with zero energy all the time. I can act impulsively if I choose to (for fun), but otherwise am the sort of person who wants to read up on all the implications before I do anything. I am prompt, I don't leave tasks unfinished, I don't procrastinate any more than "normal" people.

No, I think I'm just weird. If there's a weird reaction to a med, I'll have it. My pdoc jokes that he thinks my brain was put in backwards because I react in anomalous ways to medicine. Not just psych meds, either. I've had bizarre reactions to dental meds, OTC's, and other non-psych meds.

For the record, I almost fell asleep at my daughter's swim lesson this afternoon. I would have taken a nap if the bleachers weren't so danged hard on the butt.

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I do have ADHD and it might explain mine, but I had a similar effect.

I was put on a Provigil because it is a non-abrasive stimulant. But I also have (or most likely have) Narcolepsy so I was looking forward to any stimulant. But the thing is, it didnt just "calm me down". It put me alseep! Right on my ass. Took about 200-400mg and about a half hour after taking it I would just crash. Fall asleep whenever, whereever, which is never good.

The effect never went away for me, but I have to admit i didnt have much chance to get aquainted. It cost about 9000$ per bottle for me and since I was using it for a non aprroved usage insurance jacked it.

Oh well for me. I dont need ANYTHING that puts me out like that. I do that on my own! LOL

After a few weeks if it isnt helping and still putting you to sleep Id jack it on my own. I think youd want to be awake during the day...most people like that, especially if you have a household to take care of.

Youre definitely not alone though!

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