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Lamictal might have stopped working

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Guest guest-decadence

I've been on Lamictal 150mg for 3 years for bipolar II, not on any other psych meds. Almost a year ago, I slid right back into a suicidal depression, the kind I had before the Lamictal. It's eased up a bit, but hasn't gone away. It's a daily struggle. Some days I turn into another person and it scares me. Mom suggested that the meds might not be working anymore. I can't afford to go to a pdoc, haven't seen one of those in about 1-1/2 years, not since I lost my health insurance.

How do I know if the meds have stopped working?

What do I do now?

What meds are left to try? Tried seroquel, lithium, various SSRIs, wellbutrin, none of those worked. Need something that will not cause weight gain, since I'm already on the obese side of life.

Thanks in advance.

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Chances are pretty good that you need a med change b/c you described life as a daily struggle and feeling as though you were someone else. If you're not feeling well, then its definitely time to visit a doc. It's not uncommon to need to add or switch meds or increase dosages.

Can you go to a community clinic and get seen by someone at a reduced cost?

As far as what meds to try next, a doc is really the best person to tell you that. Everyone has different med requirements. ;)



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I agree with what Pheonix_Rising said. It's time to see a doctor.

And it needs to be a priority. Like was said, try a community clinic or something similar. Start calling places and see if they offer a sliding scale. If they don't ask if they have any ideas.

If you can't find anyplace, just start a fund and save up what little money you have until you have enough for a couple of visits and see if a doctor will help you out. Call and explain your situation to an office and see what they can do for you.

This needs to be a priority.

Do you live in a city?

NAMI may be able to help you find a place in your area that can see you.

It's definately possible that the medications are not working. Next time you feel suicidal, go to the ER.

I know it's difficult to find a way to get help when you don't have insurance, but you really need it if you are feeling this bad.

If you are still having trouble after getting a hold of NAMI, maybe we can try to brain storm some other ideas?


^ There is a list of different programs, one of them is a helpline for referrals, etc.

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