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Depression Locks

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You need to X, but to do X, you need Y, but there is some small silly thing wrong with Y. It would be trivial to fix Y, but you are too depressed to.

To fix Y, you have to get up and interact with a human. Since you really fell like curling up in a small ragged ball and crying, you don't fix Y.

And because you don't fix Y, you don't do X.

And because you didn't do X, you're now in shit.

I live in the very narrow space created by Ultradian cycling, I (mostly) cycle out fast enough to bounce around kicking down the depression locks.

Sometimes I don't, or cycle out at the wrong time, or go totally dysphoric.

So I'm in shit.

Anyone have any hints on how to break depression locks when still depressed?

Alternatives such as a HOWTO manual on constructing impenetrable ragged balls also accepted.

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I think no one responded to this yet, because no one knows what to say.  I really don't. ;)

Take your meds.

Call someone to help you get X and Y done.

Try (try being the key word) to get out of the house.

When I'm in major depressed mode, nothing helps except meds.  I've tried everything else.  I know what triggers to avoid making myself more depressed, but its just so damn hard.  I hear you. 

Although, I do find eating quantities of ice cream does ease the pain a little.  Mmm. Ice cream.

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