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What AD didnt drive u up the wall with anxiety?

What do you take that helps ur DEPRESSION  

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  1. 1. What do you take that helps ur DEPRESSION

    • SRRI- celexa, lexapro, luvox, pacxil, prozac, Zoloft
    • SNRI- Strattera, Endronax
    • Cymbalta
    • Serzone
    • Wellbutrin
    • Effexor
    • MAOI
    • Tricyclic

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I'm Bipolar II, we think.  Maybe even just Major Depression with severe anxiety. 

I made this poll because I want to know which AD you can handle without going completely bonkers with anxiety that it may cause.    I'm talking about just anxiety, paranoia, and depression here. i'm leaving out weight gain, etc. because at this point i just want to know about the depression and anxiety/paranoia part of these meds.

So far my vote is Trazadone which I had to continue for another reason (weird yes, it lifted my depression a bit and didnt cause anxiety)

Effexor XR 75mg has totally lifted my depression, but I'm so paranoid, sooo paranoidly anxious... it sucks.  I'm adding Risperdal to see if that will take away the paranoia.  If it doesn't, then that's where this poll comes in handy.  I hate to get a new AD, but it may come down to it.

If you could... it would really help me for you to list the specific ADs that worked for your depression without causing anxiety.

Thank you soooooooo much for all who can help me with this poll!!!

if u want to see my med concoction right now...

150 Lamictal, but going back up to 200 tonight

1mg Cogentin

75mg Effexor XR

37.5 Risperdal

Prevacid for acid reflux

Zyrtect for allergies

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My vote is for the ssri's for me, however, I'm a lost cause without a mood stabilizer.  I've been on Celexa, Lexapro, Wellbutrin, and Zoloft and all have made me manic.  Wellbutrin made me psychotic, paranoid, delusional (but not depressed  ;)

Zoloft is the only one that made specifically anxious, but it could havea been due to outside forces, and it is the only one that truly lifted my depression, so with a AP balance, its a little better.

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Effexor gave me lots of anxiety. Celexa gave me anxiety - my GP gave it to me and I only lasted a week on it before my psychiatrist yanked me off it. Zoloft didn't make me anxious but it didn't do anything for my depression either, heheh. I'm currently waiting for my psychiatrist to wake up and realize that I need an antidepressant to keep me level. We'll see how that goes - my appointments on Friday.

I hope you find something that works for you.

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celexa turned me into an idiot...would forget my own name halfway thru a convo.

wellbutrin?  made me psychotic...went around getting severely nasty and punching walls when aggravated

trazadone at bedtime worked well...but have a 'hangover' upon waking

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Effexor turned me into a nervous wreck to the point of hospitalization.  I was switching from Zoloft because it made me a bit manic and not myself, but turns out that was easier to deal with.

Zoloft helped with my depression and self harming urges, but I take it with two mood stabilizers to keep me from from having sex with anything I see

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