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i suffer from social anxiety and major depression.

i hav been taking effexor XR for 8mths or so.

i found this site and started to read about how u could become addicted to it...

having to take it 4 the rest of my life due to the discontinuation effects.

i take 300mg a day and may be moviing up to 375mg soon.

so im kinda worried...

i eat once a day, usually bout 4pm and i weigh 12kg less then a year ago.

i sleep 12-14hrs a day and only leave the house to go to uni.

that's me

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hey max

man, you sound a lot like me.  i've got some pretty nasty social anxiety plus panic attacks, some good general anxiety and depression.  i've been on effexor xr for about 8 months too.  and i'm also at 300mg a day.  i've heard of a lot of ppl who have gotten off of it.  even from doses as high as 375.  so i wouldn't worry about the discontinuation yet.  there are ways to make it more bearable and the ppl around here can help you with that.

i'm also a uni student.  but i'm off all summer and working in a factory.  shift work.  it's been hell because i'm always working with different ppl.  the clonazepam (klonopin) helps huge in those situations.  are you on a benzo like that? 

hope you'll stick around.  this is a really cool place to be.


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wwhhhhhoooaaaaaa....re-reading my intro now....

man i was spaced-out...

time 4 a betta one.

i have struggled with being 'different' since i was about 10 or so.

i had just changed schools and everyone was just starting yr 5, so we were all new but somehow everyone got 'their' and i just didn't gell with anyone...

i got pulled out of regular class to go to self-esteem classes....over the following 3 years.

and over that time i was bullied quite severly...

kids biting my back....pushing me into things....

i was even thrown ova a kid's shoulder and onto this concrete path...

i got that kid expelled!!

by high school i managed to learn how to avoid certaiun ppl and situations and managed to fly under tthe radar for awhile...

i developed anxiety due to school work, to the point where i would shut down and stay home and sleep. that worked, but i failed yr 10 and also yr 11.

i smoehow managed to finish school and i took the next year off and pretty much slept it away...

but by july or so, i became worse than i had ever been...

i stopped eating

and i lost interest in things...

but now nearly 12mths down the track im only just starting to feel as if the drugs are doing some good.

as for effexor....

i took 375mg once, a few weeks back....(as reccommended)

and 15mins later i was dancing in my room...

it scared me...im not taking that much ever!!

im supparised to hear about ppl complaning about the cost.

im not bragging or anything but i get mine for around $3.30 for a months supply.

maybe the US should look at the AUS government health care program???

anywho, enough of this essay...sorry!

here a few sites u might want to check out.

one is similar to this site and the other is my own MSN space



Sme: thank you for ur comment. i dont take anything else other than effexor. my social anxiety isn't that bad i spose. i just get really nervous in groups of ppl. not in public where i dont know them but when a group of friends form...u know...they are all lookin at me sorta thing...

i guess i will stick around.

stay sane...


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hiya max,

thank you for stepping in and introducing yourself. i'm glad you did. i'm grouse and i have major depression, some general anxiety (i think - it sure as hell is some kind of anxiety), and probably a bit of OCD. i'm on effexor 225 mg and seroquel 50 mg.

one question right off the bat (yes, cricket bat naturally), what about therapy? you mentioned self-esteem classes, but you also mentioned being badly bullied at the same time.

from my own experience, meds without therapy are just a patch. i can't emphasise strongly enough (again based on my own experiences) how helpful therapy can be. i cannot imagine having been on meds alone for the last year and a half. i'd still be just the same person, medicated, but the same. and when i went off the meds i'd be back where i started. my meds got me to a mental state where i COULD be helped in therapy. it is the therapy and the insights i've had into myself from therapy that have changed who i am and moved me along the path to really being a lot better.

and don't worry about being stuck on effexor for ever. all you do is come down off it slowly and you'll be okay.

and as for feeling giddy 15 minutes after taking a higher dose of effexor, umm, there's no way it could be metabolised in your system that quickly, even if you dissolved it in liquid. sorry, but that giddiness was all YOU. imagine that. you giddy! cool eh?

and all that sleep you're getting, umm, that sounds like depression might be knocking on your door.

i checked out your space on msn and it's pretty cool.

well, gotta dash. i'm glad you're here and are stepping into the community. play around. see what you find!


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sorry for the long time it's taken me to reply....

ive been....detained...in hospital...

it's a very long story...but i ended up sleeping at a train station one night...

200km from home...it got worse when the cops turned up...they detained me under our countries STUPID mental health act and took me to hospital...

at least i got to ride in the back of a cop car...lol

but now im out...yay!

grouse: as for therapy...i go about twice a month...but it doesn't do much for me...

they just give me more drugs to take...up the dosage...375mg now...

the ppl at hospital nearly died at how much i was prescribed...


that's about it...


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