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What age did you start cutting?

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17 minutes ago, Wooster said:

Welcome, TearfulSolace.

I'm glad you've found CB and in particular this part of CB. We ask people to be more general about methods of self harm here, as we want to support and encourage people to find alternate ways to manage self harm desires and urges rather than sharing different ways to self harm. We figure there's already many sites out there on the web where one can gather that information if they so choose. Please check out the posts pinned at the top of the self harm forum for more info. And welcome aboard.

I understand. I just thought it was cryptic. Lol the mystery got me curious.

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I'm with Gearhead, @TCHR. No need to take out your frustration on huge swathes of people you don't know. Please stop romanticizing SI before Gear has to have the talk. You don't want the talk. The tal

It is better to tell them than for them to find out some other way, in my case I didn't have a choice because somebody saw my cuts and reported me, then the school nurse was on my case and called home

  • 2 years later...

I was cutting at 4.  I would use paper to slice in between my fingers.  Or my dad's disposable razors across my finger tips.  

Throughout my life I have engaged in other self-harm techniques.  But have managed to keep them subtle.  

I'm 48 now.  And still get that feeling of euphoric release when see myself bleed.  

I know it's not "normal". I know there is a reason for what I do. However, I have no idea why I started.  I don't recall any corresponding tragedy, or life changing event.   I only recall how it made me feel to drag that piece of paper back and forth between each finger of both hands.  A pleasurable pain that I welcomed.  And sometimes still do.  44 years later. 

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