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I can't stay motivated to do anything

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I've been having problems focusing which affects my ability to motivate too. It's as if I have ADD (my doc thinks it's the bp). But anyway, maybe a stimulating type potion might help, Ritalin, Strattera, Wellbutrin, Provigil. I'm angling for something myself, hope doc will relent and take pity on me. good luck to us, one and all.


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Any suggestions on how to turn this around.  I thought about making a small list of short-term goals and trying to accomplish at least one thing per day, but I bet that will last one week.

How can I get going again?  Sometimes I don't even get out of my pajamas or bathe.


Collect small rituals of happiness.

Perhaps tea in a special cup.

Writing something with a pen that flows smoothly.

Coffee made just right.

Watching the clouds.

What ever is special to you.

But small. Easy to do. Cheap. Makes you ever so slightly happier.

Plan on just one small ritual of happiness in the vaguely near future.

Schedule it, arrange it, do it, savor it.

Just that one.

Then plan the next one.

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I associate the way you're feeling with depression. These days I'm amazed at how much energy and enthusiasm I have, and regretful about all the months and years I spent sitting on the couch unable to do anything. Before Zoloft, it was "oh no, do I have to?" Now it's "let's go! who's with me?" Maybe the Wellbutrin isn't helping so much?

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I had the same problem for awhile.  I had people who did things for me, and I wasn't able to do for myself.  I do have BP, but I do not have ADD... It's just htat after not doing things for so long, I got out of the habit of doing them, and I had to teach myself to do them again.

You have to focus (as SandDune suggested) on doing small things first.  Do little things or do *one* thing until you do that correctly... then move on.  Like make an organized grocery list if that's what you want to do... if you don't do it right the first time, do it until you do.  Mission accomplished.  Then move on.  It may not be that you *can't*, just that you've forgotten how.

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