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This is a wonderful place - I've dealt with depression for 15 years now, (3 major depressions, one post-partum which required hospitalization twice).  Just diagnosed with bipolar II/ADHD.

My new Pdoc prescribed lomactal and 10mg Adderral am/10mg noon.  I was so depressed I was having difficulty getting out of bed, much less enjoying the summer with my beautiful daughter.  I took the Adderral this morining and I had the first normal day in weeks.  Not hyper, energetic, in fact my fiance said I seemed calm.  I could get things done and it didn't feel like I was in a fog all day.  Is that how I'm supposed to feel?  I hope this doesn't sound like a ridiculous question, it just helps to hear from people who may have first hand knowledge rather than talking to my Pdoc or reading about it. 

I have felt so alone because I don't feel like most people understand depression, and this is the first place I've come and have been able to smile and put some things into perspective about my illness. 

Thank you for listening and I appreciate any information on my response to the Adderall.


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Yes, Linda, what you type sounds like how Adderall is supposed to help you feel. I know it's a stimulant, but among ADDers the stimulation tends to stop short of hyperactivity and jitteriness. Instead, the ideal reaction is for the brain fog to clear, for your mind to focus on the present and be able to plan for the future, and be able to string enough thoughts together in a logical, cohesive sequence to carry out tasks. You seem to be getting that at your current dose -- congratulations! There should be more information for you in the CNS stimulants forum (above the Bipolar forum, in the medications section) and the ADD/ADHD forum (a little below the Bipolar forum, still in the "what's your problem?" section). People with more experience should be able to give you clearer answers to your questions.

I am deeply glad you've had one day out of the pit of depression. May it be the first of many to follow.


BP, ADD, etc

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