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Pharmaceutical Kickbacks Vs. Older Medications

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I'm pretty stable even though over the years doctors have diagnosed me with everything from Clinical Depression, to PTSD, to BPD, to Generalized Anxiety Disorder, to ADD and Agoraphobia. I've tried almost 40 different medications over the years and learned a lot about them and about the "system" along the way.

Five years ago, I'd been taking just 2mg of Xanax a day and was fairly healed. There was a setback... I suffered an assault, harassment, stalking... Several years in the legal system produced no justice. My anger became a constant problem; at one point I was even homocidal. My provider increased the Xanax. My anger began to fade; my desire to harm began to fade.

Therapy was never helpful and now the mere mention of what happened to me only brought out sheer rage over the lack of justice. I stopped therapy and felt best trying to forget. My primary provider moved forcing me to find a new clinic. They wanted me in therapy. I refused. What had it ever done for me? Zilch.

Despite several years of continuing to provide my medication things began to go bad. Management wanted a psych eval. I consented and was told my medication, while a high dose of a controlled substance, was working and there were no problems with it. Now they are suddenly demanding that I take a newer medication. The word newer gets used a lot and the psych eval lady never said anything to my face but wrote in the file that they should evaluate me again soon for a "newer" medication.

They are trying to remove me from a medication I've been on for over a decade with no side effects that is keeping me stable and functioning. I've never abused it or shown signs of drug seeking behavior even though they keep at me with how addictive it is. A bit irrelevant given the time I've been on it and its effectiveness.

They tried to tell me all kinds of things but after my research on Xanax they have clearly lied. At one point I accused a doctor of getting kickbacks and he refused to discuss it while appearing highly irritated. No attempt to refute the allegation.

Xanax works for me. If it aint broke don't fix it, right? But no. The pharmaceutical companies have come out with all kinds of fancy drugs that my insurance wont cover and/or with co-pays I can't cover and many of them can cause organ failure and death. Nothing new, as drugs like Serzone and others I've used have been pulled from the market. Ambien should be next. Sleep driving with amnesia! Are you kidding me? I had similiar problems with it.

I just feel hopeless for the first time in years and don't know what to do. Pfizer doesn't make any money off Xanax anymore as most people just get the generic form. Doctors have to push that newer stuff and anyone who believes there is no incentive for them to do so is a fool.

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Ok. Everything is black or white.

- Your doctor is taking bribes, and by not denying it to you this confirms it.

- His staff are also on the take.

- Any newer drug causes organ failure and death.

- Since you've already been on Xanax there is no point in changing,

- and you of all people couldn't possibly become addicted

- Your doctor is lying about potential drug problems

- There is no other drug that is affordable

And simply because your doctor wants to change your 1 med, you now feel hopeless? hmm. Sounds like the Xanax isn't helping much in the stability department (which we wouldn't expect since it is neither an antidepressant nor mood stabilizer).

The reason "newer" gets used is that many of the newer medications work as well or better with fewer side effects. Has no one taken the time to discuss the advantages of what they are recommending? You do say they have told you the disadvanges of continuing on Xanax. What was untruthful about that?

In general Benzos are just bandaids, and for most people it is better to get on an AD or mood stabilizer to improve the underlying condition.

Try to keep an open mind that other meds may be even better than taking benzos alone. Feel free to amplify what your doctors have told you or ask questions about particular meds. There is a lot of experience here.

Hope things get sorted out soon. a.m.

p.s. Accusing people of being corrupt to their face tends to irritate people. ;)

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Airmarshall, did you read the part about the OP trying 40 different medications and therapy over the years? My guess is he/she has already tried SSRI's, tricyclics and anti-psychotics. I would be pretty ticked if a doctor wanted to take me off the one med that worked for me. The fact is benzos are effective medications, particularly for agoraphobia, that get an unfairly bad rap. And some people do actually have to take them for the rest of their lives or become reclusive. I hate to burst your bubble but virtually no medication cures the underlying condition, that includes blood pressure meds, cholesterol pills and anti-depressants. There aren't any new anxiety medications, it's mostly on-patent "me too" SSRI's or off label anti-pyschotics scripts these days.

To the OP, when you say management wanted a pysch eval, do you mean your employer? And what was the reason given? How much xanax are you taking a day?

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Yes, I read the post. Did you? O.O. is taking 2mg a day of Xanax. ;)

I agree 2mg is not a high dosage considering the normal recommended max is 4mg/day.

Frankly, I'm giving a lot more weight to the doc since the idea that he is taking kickbacks is the sole reason for prescribing meds is not a logical argument.

O.O. hasn't told us yet what med he is recommending and why he is recommending it. Once we know that our discussion will be much more focused.


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i guess my comprehension of the OP was a drug invented after xanax - therefore a "newer" drug.

but my benzo knowledge isnt "newer," either.

I decided to reply just to see if maybe this was the angle or not.

i agree with the "if aint broke - dont fix" with most of my life & the meds & things in it. ive been on xanax for 4 years at varying dosages. and ive been quite pleased with it.


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First, thank you for listening. I really appreciate that and welcome your experiences with Xanax. :)


I started on 2mg of Xanax but we upped the dose to 3mg and it has been at that level now for well over a decade. I've called around trying to find another provider but no one is accepting my insurance right now or taking new patients. :)

Air, there's always more to a story than one can convey intially so it's always best to ask questions before taking any side. This institution previously:

- Performed minor surgery on me without anesthesia (required) and the surgeon did not wear gloves.

- Had a doctor who called the MHP's on me in retaliation. After the MHP's got my side of the story that doctor was severely admonished in front of other patients and staff.

- Has been found guilty of fraudulent billing and had to pay back hundreds of thousands to the government.

- Had a doctor who tried to push a medication that had nothing to do with why I was there. He got so angry he was almost yelling. I refused citing the medical paperwork which met all the criteria for me to be immediately treated for a completely unrelated condition. That was afterall the purpose of the visit.

For privacy many details here are omitted, but you would be shocked. It does happen. As far as pharmaceuticals and my being a conspiracist ;) , you can include Robert Kennedy, Jr. for Deadly Immunity, his fascinating article about the industry. They don't care what happens to us as long as they make a profit.

I'm supposed to be taking Xanax for anxiety or sleep - no one can agree - but take it only at bedtime. They have asked me to try some medication I looked up that is not for people with a history of kidney disease. That should exclude me! They have tried to get me to take Lunesta. How will that treat my anxiety? It's also a controlled substance, schedule IV, just like Xanax but Lunesta is newer and has no generic version.

Clinic memo and medical documents specifically say "newer" and cite the justification for change as fewer side effects and non-addictive. No one has ever asked nor have I ever reported any side effects from Xanax. I sometimes get odd urges to clean just before bed but that's it. I don't smoke, drink, or take anything else. Again, no history of abusing my meds. If I have to go outside and have a bad day then oh well. Xanax is only for regular bedtime.

My relationships are stable, there's no drama at all in my life except for paying off my bills, and there's no self-destructive behavior here. I'm fairly happy actually but this is seriously stressing me out. I guess what suprises me a lot is when they say how high 3mg is and then people online seem to be taking the same dose or often more and Pfizer had people listed on 10mg which honestly is IMO extreme.

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Did you just cite Robert Kennedy's article, Deadly Immunity, as a credible source?



All I can say is that most offices have a waiting list for new patients. Perhaps you should go on that? You can check back regularly with them.

eta: link and to stay on task.

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