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Having trouble sleeping

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I take 1200 mg of Trileptal, 600 mg morning, 600 mg at night, 100 mg Geodon, 20 mg in the morning and 80 mg at night, .5 mg Klonopin at night and 50 mg Trazadone at night. Even with all that, Im having trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, and am tired all day, but cant get myself to take a nap. Is this a bad sign of something rearing it's ugly head (depression or mania) or should I just wait it out. It's been going on here and there for a while now. I just don't know if this is something worth calling the dr for. I was just in there last week, and he said my irritability was just " that time of year". I could use some suggestions, please.

Edited to add, im also having motivation issues, such as not having any. I don't know if that's just because Im tired, or part of the something rearing it's ugly head.

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