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Just popped in to say hello

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I've just come across this site and I must say, the list of 'rules and reg's impressed me and made me wonder if I hadn't found my spiritual home. Like many others I have been/am a member of other BP boards where you do have to pussyfoot around all the time and be very careful what you say which, when you are in the grip of hypomania or severe depression, can be a struggle in itself.

A little background (for anyone who might be interested...is that tumble-weed I see before me???):

I'm from the UK, I'm 41 years old and a woman. I live alone with my dog mostly (although I currently have a temporary housemate).

I had an utterly crappy set of parents, but I won't bore you with that right now. I suspect I have been BP most of my life, at least since my early teens, but was only diagnosed this year at the age of 40! To be honest, it felt like a long time coming.

So far the whole meds thing isn't going too well, having tried both lithium and depakote and both of them making me as sick as the proverbial dog. We're trying lamotrigine now and I'm feeling more hopeful with this.

I tend to rapid cycle, which is as those that do will testify, is a pain in the hole. Mind you, having said that, it was my first bout of rapid cycling every few hours that got me seeing my doctor earlier this year, followed by a referral to my local mental health team the very next day and, from what my Pdoc said a pretty easy diagnosis to make. He was just surprised that I'd not been diagnosed many years previously.

I'm currently in a pretty depressed state (though not nearly as bad as I was lask week, mercifully). However, I shall try not to be too much of a miserable old bag!

Hope to start getting to know people soon. ;)


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Welcome to our little asylum, and thank you for noticing that we do indeed have rules! (It comes as a surprise to some of our members, so I usually encourage new people to read them.)

We have chat if you feel chatty, and we have blogs if you feel bloggy. Please PM any of the mods if you have a problem or concern about the boards. I'm glad you found us!


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You know what? I think I'm REALLY EXTRA GLAD I found this place. I've been skimming through the forums and threads and it just seems a place where people can actually be themselves without fear of over-zealous moderation and downright bullying by Admin (as I witnessed on another board recently). If you're feeling crappy, you can say so.

I've only been here 5 minutes and already I want to thank you guys. ;)

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