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Here Comes Everybody!

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Well, really just another somebody.............. I'm a bi-polar II bi-gendered bi-pretty much everything. I've had a hell of a time my whole life with mood issues, but it's just lately that I've labeled the motherfucker. A mixed bag, labeling, but it gives some relief- before I had no real way to explain my difficulties in functioning; now I have a shitty way of explaining my difficulties in functioning, but God knows it's better than putting myself down like I've done so often in the past....................sigh. I'm taking depakote, seroquel and trying to cut down on the cannabis a bit............

I'm very into Heart Work these days as my primary sanity center. Simple- touch the middle of your chest with one or two fingers, feel for the sensitive spot, and smile at whatever good feeling you can find there. Keep at it and learn to melt into that feeling. So much succor and comfort, so close- our very heart close- and yet I've just begun to find it, and I think it's saving my life.

Otherwise, I'm an astrologer, musician and all around bohemian. Check my blog Eyes in the Pine and photo page- you might like. http://eyesinthepine.gaia.com/blog

Love and Wisdom are the only two things the Universe cares about, IMO. So, we crazy canaries and such have just as good a chance- if not better for our suffering- to reach beyond, above and below and act as shamans and gatekeepers for our tribes and such. It's great training if we can see it as such, and I'm grateful for it while I wouldn't wish it on anybody!

Love to you all.



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Welcome to CrazyBoards, Tshannon. Please PM a mod if you have a question, and check out the rules if you want to know what is what around here. We're happy to have you in our little loony bin.


PS You might want to ditch the dash in bi-polar. Around here the preferred usage is "bipolar." Just a heads-up.

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