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I've hit the end of what meds can do

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Ok, I know I've been posting a hell of a lot lately but I've just got one more thing to get off my chest and I'm done for a while. I hope.

I have been on nearly every med there is. Tried combos, individual pills, nothing works. Mostly, they make me worse, have horrendous side effects, don't work at all or a combination of two or all of the three. Also, I've had to go on some serious pain killers for my physical pain after trying damn near everything else. This just compounds the problem. With all this crap I take, you can run you finger down the side effect list and check them off one by one.

Right now, in my sig, is everything I can take to keep me treading water. About half the time I still feel terrible emotionally anyway. On average I get bad enough to be hospitalized twice a year on average.

I don't know what to do. My pdoc doesn't know what to do. Hospital pdocs don't know what to do. I paid through the nose for a 2nd opinion. After reviewing my history, that pdoc didn't know what to do either. Incidentally, my gdoc doesn't know what to do about my pain and I've been through the ringer there too.

I'm a zombie. I'm the walking dead. seriously though, What do I do? Be gone down the road nuts or be a drugged out zombie? When I actually think about it I get so frustrated and wish I could die and die and die.

I'm not looking for advice, really. Just had to bitch.

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Okay, I'm like a bad penny for you (I keep showing up. ;)) I know you know this, but I have to remind myself of it all the time.

Chronic pain SUCKS BALLS!!!

None of your ADs are going to work optimally while you are on all those narcotics. Narcotics alone are uber depressing. Think of it this way, that which doesn't cure me, kills me. Or, you could think of the way that Nietzsche did and say, "That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger!"

I opt for the second one my self. When I finally got off Fentanyl my ADs started to work better. I'm not suggesting you go off narcotics, not at all, actually, in your case, I think you are kind of stuck there right now. But "right now" does not mean forever.

It's really, really hard not to get hopeless when the pain never stops. I wish I had some answers for ya there dude, but I don't. If I get it figured out, you and Blue and a short list of a few others will be the firsts to know.

You might want to start a blog. You can keep track of your pain, vent away. Shit like that, yanno?

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If it is that sever have you ever thought of ECT? I have heard good things about it som etimes in one session...although I do admit that it is a little wild when you think about it, kind of shocking. I hate to hear about your pain, I never had chronic pain before but I do have arthiritis and it sucks so I coulc only imagine what you are going through, sorry I am not much help...good luck

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it is a little wild when you think about it, kind of shocking.

Pun intended? ;)

I agree, pain sucks. I don't have a magic cure, but don't give up. I don't know much about your specific meds so I can't really help out there.

P.S how much is the stomach stuff bothering you? for me, celebrex works better for pain and tears up my stomache less than ibuprofen. Prexige was GREAT until it got withdrawn.

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Thanks all. I appreciate your understanding.

I guess I did forget to mention I did have ECT. 3x a week for 3 week and once a week for about 6 months. Bifrontal if that makes a difference. It was only a slight help and the cognitive and memory issues That I'm still living with (I don't care what the docs say, it never completely goes away) far outweighed the slight benefit I was getting. ;) The doc and my family decided to end it after it was obvious it wasn't helping much.

Blue, I must have a stomach like iron.

S9, I think I might start a blog. Keep meaning to.

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