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Hello! Call me Dis.

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How do I introduce myself, while remaining anonymous? :]

I've got my regrets, and I've got my reminders.

Good. Bad. Ugly.

A couple years back, (I'm 21)

after a SA leading to hospitalization,

a pdoc mentioned I might have a personality disorder,

not just depression.

I took this as an attack, and wrote off the authenticity of psychiatric medicine.


Little did I realize at the time, this was a massive error.

fuck, train of thought just went out the window.

in any event, I'll update later.

If I don't upload a partial copy, I'll never finish this.

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Welcome to the boards. I have found a lot of help here over the years. I haven't been around much lately, but I am always glad to find some familar faces when I return, as well as newcomers like yourself to keep it interesting.

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