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sexual overdrive

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i have been on meds for bipolar for about 9months now but am in complete denial that i have the illness because i have huge issues with trust and i cant believe that i have it even though all the indicators are there!!

apart from my obvious cycle of denial my other problem at the moment is that i am becoming very SEXUAL. i have been with my boyfriend for more then 2yrs and there is nothing wrong with our sex life but i want more.

i want sex from anyone who turns their head in my direction. i want to have an affair with my boss who is married, and a guy at my gym who is 25yrs older then me at least. im meeting strangers on the internet with the intention of meeting them for sex.

i know this can be an indicator of bi-polar and probably would add to my doctors arguement that i have the illness. i want to tell him because i know this behaviour is not "normal" but i dont think there is some meds he can give me to solve this one, or is there??

last time i felt like this and went on a sex binge i got myself a nice little std (lucky it was a treatable one which is now fully cured) so there is no need to preach to me about safe sex or my disgusting morals. i really just need some support and advice about how to handle these extremely overwhelming feelings.

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Your post shows you have a good understanding of this situation. I guess the thing you did not elaborate on was what you want to happen and what your SO wants to happen.

A magic pill would be nice, however unless you tell your doctor he can't help you.

Does your doctor know about your denial and the poor control from your current medication?

Bipolar seems to be an intoxicating MI that allows you to enjoy the pain.

I guess the simplest advice would be to print out your post and delivering it to your doctor.

If you do not trust your doctor then start by addressing that.

This feels like shithead advice, however you really do seem to have a good grasp of your options.


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You seem to be showing symptoms of a breakthrough manic/hypomanic attack.  It's very important that you call your pdoc and let him know.  I have a lot of trust issues too, but remind yourself that you're seeing a specialist that does this ALL DAY and is working in your best interest.  There are meds like zyprexa that are approved for breakthrough mania and your doctor can help you find the right one.

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I've been having the same problem.  I've been having sex with my husband and our room mate for 10 years now (they both know, we've adjusted).  Weird, I know.  I'm bipolar and borderline.  I know this.

NOW, however, within the last month or so, I've added not one, but TWO sexual partners to my que.  My downstairs neighbor (don't shit where you eat, Julie!!!!) and a random guy I met at Univerity a couple of quarters ago (who at least lives far enough away that it's an eight hour drive for him).

My neighbor is 48, schizoaffective, alchoholic, borderline, agoraphobic, gay (well, until a month ago, ha ha), artistic and depressed beyond suicidal.  The random guy is 24, OCD, borderline, a fanatic exerciser, a former cutter and current B&D top, and looking at grad school for clinical psychology (funny, that).

I myself, besides the aforementioned blessings, am a rapid cycling, intermittently suicidal, artistically inclined intermittent philosophy major.  I'm also 33.

I am in big trouble.  I could just bitchslap myself.  ;)

I get my HIV test tomorrow.  My neighbor is going to get tested with me, just to ease my mind.

I've told my pdoc.  He's not happy.  My therapist saw this coming.  He tried to warn me, but of course I thought he was just jealous and full of shit.

NOW I have two needy gentlemen expecting nookie from me.

I am fucked.


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I'm the same way. some days its less. but other days its like i'd like to take the first guy i see. or hot chick.

but "stranger" sex is kind of scary to me. and i dont know anyone other than my bf. and thats 1-2 times a week. although i could definitely go every day...and sometimes multiple times a day.

oh well....


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I'm so glad I'm so fucking old.  Depakote killed my sex drive and made me fat and mildly depressed, so not so horny.  Tegretol just made me want to kill myself and made me feel even older than I 'm. 

Problem is lamictal is starting to allow my sex drive to stir again.  So far it's just fantasies, because at this point I haven't actually had sex in five years (OH. MY. GOD.)  yes five years.  It's all around dosage changes, when I get a little racy in the head but not full-blown the way I used to.

All I can say is it's breakthrough, obviously.  If you've got meds make sure you're taking them right, and don't self-medicate with booze & drugs.  I used to and fucked like a rabbit and really screwed myself up.  And if you're doing all that right, time to call the pdoc and all that shit.  At the time it always seemed like what I had to do, but in retrospect none of it was any fun.  Just very miserable and needy.

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For the ladies, I have 1 word -


Invest in a good one.  The "rabbit" is supposed to be amazing, but it's ~$80.  The magic wand w/ attachments is pretty good, but it is wayyyy powerful.  Advanced vibrator use only.  No newbies.  If the sex isn't about just the orgasm but it's about the companionship and the need for people, then for god's sake talk to a therapist.  But if it is just about an orgasm, then use your "electric boyfriend" as many times a day as you need.  When you wake up in the morning, at lunch, before you go to bed, or heck every commercial break if you need to.  I dare a woman to tell me that she uses a vibrator a couple times a day and still wants to have sex with a person.  Vibrators rock.  Literally. 

For you guys - Come on now.  You can jerk off to anything can't you?  Get some moisturizer and get crazy.  Maybe some of that warming lube or something.

Either way, have fun with yourself.  It will probably help your mood too.  And if you can get yourself off then you don't have to go putting yourself into dangerous situations. 

And if you are going to have sex with a stranger at least use a condom!  (although we ALL know that you can get diseases while using a condom, right? - SCARY!)

Sermon over. 

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Those big wand things work right thru clothes. Very convenient and reliable. Wish there was something like that for guys.

(My libido is still quite elevated, tho nothing like it was, but I also get an increased amount of self restraint. Meanwhile, I also have a very hard time getting off. So life is strange. Drug side effects, not mania.)

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My last manic spending spree was last month, on eBay.  I bought not one, not two, but three vibrators.  I can personally attest that the electric 'magic wand' type is the best I ever tried.  And ldo is right.  For the guys, have you ever considered the 'Fleshlight'?  I've heard very good things about it from guys. 

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