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Lithium Carbonate... am I supposed to smell funny?

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You aren't getting the usual Lilac odor? ;)

I haven't noticed any complaints from members about Lithium, but between Lithium and Cymbalta I had the same problem this summer, and thought it was the Cymbalta. Other members have complained about some of the anticonvulsants causing body odor changes.

Here is the best advice I could find on controling body odor:

- Use a good antibacterial soap like Dial. Cetaphil (spelling) is also suggested by some since it has a form of alcohol in it that kills bacteria, but is gentle on the skin. Phisoderm is a hospital type soap that is antibacterial that's been around for 35 years.

- Change your bath towels every 4 -5 days. Wash them in HOT water, long cycle, with plenty of soap and dry them on high.

- Here is a tip from dermatologists: Get some 91% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. This is the higher concentration. Following bathing and drying wipe down your skin paying particular attention to the smelly parts. This is particularly helpful with Jock Itch and Athletes Foot as it both kills bacteria and helps dry the skin, which is helpful in summer or humid climates. I've found this really helpful with just a few applications seeming to break the odor.

- Of course some general things may help as well: wash your bed sheets in hot water, etc, bathing in the evening may be more helpful removing the perspiration and grime of the day, change and wash clothes regularly.

Lotsa luck! If all else fails, always stand down-wind. :) a.m.

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