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immunotherapy setback

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I so want to finally get up to maintenance and get through this...

First I had a nasal infection that prevented me getting the immunotherapy for months, had to go back to a lower dose...

Then Ike hit and put me back,

Now a systemic reaction to the shots.

I'm pretty sure I've spent over $4000 on this stuff-but it'd be really depressing to know the total for sure

I just need to keep shoveling in money.

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I had the same with my first shots in my teens. They really cut back the serum and it was okay after. So, don't give up!! The only hassle is that it takes that much longer to complete the therapy. It was worth it, but it didn't last forever in my case. I started them again about 10 years ago, but didn't follow through. So, now I am starting the therapy again on Monday and am a little apprehensive about those first shots. Hopefully, all will go well for me and for you!

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