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Being depressed is hard. Changing medications is hard.

Talking with a coworker today. She'd just gotten a call that an uncle had died unexpectedly. I'm sorry. How sad. And near Christmas, too. Well, she said, we're not too into Christmas in my family. (I'm thinking, "She doesn't look Jewish.") "My dad's father committed suicide near Christmas, and so did his father. " OK, didn't see that one coming.

The gift that keeps on giving. "And the sins of the father shall be visited upon the sons, even unto the Nth generation."

Your life is not your own. Especially not once you have children.

A timely reminder as my brain screams for release.

Not now. not ever.


Take care of yourselves. Life is obligation. Get help.

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;):) :) Suicide talk

Greenyflower, how true.

My husband's first wife came from a family with a history of mental illness. Her grandfather killed himself with a pistol, and his sister used the same one to commit suicide. It marked several members of that family---what a terrible legacy.

I hope you start to see a little light at the end of your tunnel soon. This has been a long, difficult time for you and I think you have managed to keep your sense of humor and proportion.


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