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crazy mom of 4 now on Prestiq

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Hi all.

Mom of 4 back on meds after a 4 year hiatus, The usual life streses have me down...money has me anxious and the grief over losing my dad. I also throw of PVCs witha mitral prolapse that make it hard to tell what teh F is goin on.

ANyhoo...Started the Ambien, Klonopin and Prestiq regiment. I usually use Effexor but that stuff is unGodly to get off of! She might add Buspar if I dont perk up. Have had good success with that.

So far, some side effects on Prestiq, constipation, feeling a bit foggy at times, sometimes I don't know if it ismy heart speeding up or the anxiety, BUT I feel like I have a brightr outlook and more energy to do things! I am on day 7. Placebo effect? It does wake me at night even though I take at 11 am so I took an ambien 1/2 hour ago. Did not expect it kick in so fast and now my 3 year old is awake..............zzzzzzzzzzz

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