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apparently, I'm that fat

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I'm sorry you're feeling bad body wise right now.

I don't know if this will help, but around here, people often ask that question for reasons not even associated w/body size. It's often because of that "glow" that women get, you know? So it's usually considered a compliment, though not amongst the younger crowd. At least not nowadays.

I don't know if it's just a regional thing (mid-south), just within my religious upbringing, my age group, my parents age group (they had me a bit late in the game, hee hee), who knows?

Something else to think about, since it seems as though (from your post and I'm totally assuming on this) you knew the person. Is there a possibility that (s)he was /trying/ to make you feel self-conscious about your weight? Or that (s)he was making a personal insult towards you in a passive-aggressive manner? Sorry if I'm totally off-base, I'm just trying feel out some ideas on this. I've had some guys and girls do this to me in the past and it *is* a bitch. Especially when that person(s) know that you're having weight issues.

Again, I'm sorry that this person hurt you. The best revenge though is to not let it get to you. Yes, it hurts. I won't deny that. It still hurts me even after all these years what a couple of frenemies said to me several years back when I gained a shitload of weight on Depakote and Zyprexa. But I didn't let it consume me and I ditched them.

I may crazy, but they're big ol' stinky assholes.

I think I got the better deal.

I think you're beautiful and that's all that matters.

So nyah on them.

We'll just sit back an' brush our long hairs.


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she's actually my instructor from cna training. And we were on the phone. She hasent seen me in a long time so I dont think she did it on purpose. It just makes me sad cuz up until risperdal I had a nice body. I never excersized to lose weight. I could eat anything, and large amounts of it and not gain a single pound.

I'm generally having a bad day all around. I'm getting ready to fight for myself and the thoughts of hurting myself are relentless.

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i'm sorry. that really sucks. people are ignorant and thoughtless. unfortunately, their thoughtlessness is at the expense of others' feelings and emotions. people don't seem to get that. don't let it get you down.

(says the girl whose father tells her she has a fat as pretty much daily... hmmm)

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I'm so sorry that you had that experience Selene, it would dishearten anybody. I have never been asked that question but when I was at my heaviest (215 pounds) I had some anorexic bitch I hadn't seen in about 4 years just look me up and down with a look of such disgust and amazement (for I am naturally inclined to be very skinny and the drugs made me fat as a fool). I was made to feel like such a big fat lump and as I have ED issues it really triggered me. People should just keep their mouths shut, they have no idea how horrible it is to gain weight beyond your control and have to live with it.

blackbird x

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Oh, you poor thing! I've never asked anyone that. When people are expecting, they will usually volunteer that information on their own if they want to discuss it.

Try not to let it get you down too much. At my heaviest (5'5, 250lbs), I got stupid assed comments about it on a regular basis:

"May, you could be so pretty if you just lost weight"

Fuck that. I'm pretty regardless of my weight

"Well, yeah it's wrong to hit a girl - but May's too fat to be a real girl, so I punched her"

Where's a bazooka when I need one?

Sometimes people don't think before they speak. You are doing what you need to do for your mental health. Kudos for that. If the weight gain side effect gets you down, you've got support here. Lots of people here have been there and can sympathize (and remind you that you are indeed a Goddess, even though sometimes it doesn't feel that way).

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yeah what everybody else said ;)

that's awful. i had it happen once about seven or eight years ago. i was heavier than now by about seventy pounds, and my back was in very bad shape so i walked slowly with my hand on the bottom of my spine - like pregnant women do. after hearing that i didn't want to leave the house for a freaking week grrr.

people suck. you're beautiful.

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