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What's happening to me?!

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So eight days ago I started feeling pretty anxious, was pretty bad but nothing I hadn't experienced before. Seven days ago the anxiety got worse, different to what I normally experience and it has not stopped. Great time for my pdoc to go on holidays! Next time I can see him is in three weeks.

It starts off mild and just gets continually worse through the day, even when I take my 200mg of Seroquel at night it's still there. My chest feels tight, I am extremely nervous with monster butterflies in my stomach, I have shallow breathing, deeper breaths make my chest worse, I can't think, what should take me an hour takes me a day, I struggle to form a coherent sentence, and when it's really bad I feel like I am about to go crazy. But the weird thing is, my heart rate stays normal and I physically feel like I can hardly move or talk.

If I take a 20mg dose of Diazepam from my left over bottle it helps a little bit for a couple of hours then I am back to how I was. I thought I could just deal with it but now I am starting to go out of my mind!

I have made an appointment to see my GP in a few days time but every time I have seen him in the past he has just referred me back to my pdoc.

Any suggestions on what I can do? What I can ask for?

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I am just plain MDD, I have had a few med changes, but nothing that I could attribute to feeling like this.

I had a Sinus related infection for a couple of weeks, was on Antibiotics (Amoxycillin), Nasal Spray (Rhinocort), Antihistamines, Tramadol and a bit of codeine. Completely finished all those the day before I started feeling like this (codeine & Tramadol earlier). Increased my Seroquel from 100mg to 200mg about two weeks ago, plus in the past week really have not felt like taking the Dex.

But really have been taking Seroquel for 18 months, Cymbalta for 6 and the Dex for 4 months.

Nights are really horrid for me at the moment, more often than not I am really cranky, tense, wanting to rip away at my chest to stop the pain with the occasional random screaming when no one is around. I wont be in any danger so no hospital for me.

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