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Schizophrenia and schizo~affective due to a mutated gene?

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Genes mutate in the womb.

Everybody has unique micro mutations.

Psychosis might possibly be due to a mutation of the gene (called 22q11.2 microdeletion)

that normally instructs a protein to break down an excess of dopamine.

I have no genetic relatives with schizo~affective disorder.

In the study of identical twins, one has schizophrenia and the other does not.

Genetic mutation as the source of schizophrenia, schizo~affective disorder, and psychosis makes the most sense to me.

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As of four years ago, one major university had identified 3 genes that corresponded to Bipolar & Schiz. In a small trial they were able to identify those with those disorder with 80% accuracy from participants who did not have either. Unfortunately they could not identify which disorder the person had.


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