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Hello from droopydawg

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Hi all. Im a mom of two grown up kids, 18 and 20. I've had depression all my life and luckily have been very responsive to Welbutrin after trying a couple other meds which did nothing. Been taking it for many years.

Both my girls have problems. ADD, anxiety disorder, social phobia in one, who is actually finally doing very well right now and is in college. My younger one just now started showing signs of problems, starting with a short bout of anorexia which, thankfully, did not stick around to depression to panic attacks.

My husband is just a pain in the ass. I guess that's considered normal.

So Hello from the crazy family. Looks like a nice site, I hope to get to know some of you. ;)

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Hi, Droopy! Your name made me laugh because my father was very skinny and his trousers always just kind of hung on his hips, so my mother called him "Droopy-drawers." heh Well, we all have wacky family members, eh?

Good to have you with us and I hope we can help you in some way. I'm a Wellbutrin fan, too, and feel like it gave me my life back.


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