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Black Borders in High School Class Reunion Site

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Mark, that was a very touching story. I hope you do not become a black border. I'm surprised that I didn't become one. (46 yrs old) And Iam hangin on with the BP.

Hopefully, you will be well soon. In my thoughts, Sondra

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    Once again  hang in there Mark so sll will go well with operation.

I did some soul searching check ups on the past when i got the net.

wow people either changed or remained the same only with added baggage or in some cases custom built flight cases to hold all the stuff. 3 people died out of about 40....not the ones i figured would,how any of us made it into the the fryed 50's after graduating from 19.... 65-68

is odd.    well in about 30 years the 60's will come back maybe but who wants to 87 ?

    One guy that died (don't know the why or how ) stole 3 girl friends from me 3 different times....i hated the creep but  dead ?  jeez  i forgave him years ago...

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