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Hey guys.

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Hey guys. I'm the Protagonist. Before you ask, well, I'm uncertain where that nickname came from. All I'm certain of is that it includes a "the."

I have bipolar disorder, and so does my mom, and my dad. My kid brother might, too. I have a cousin who has bipolar disorder, as well, and an aunt. My great-grandmother had bipolar disorder, but back then, they called it manic-depression.

I take 200 mg of Seroquel and 200 mg of Zoloft. I also take Flintstone vitamins. My mom takes the same amount of Seroquel and also some amount of Pristiq. I used to be addicted to Benedryl, right before I was addicted to Sudafed.

My mother and I have a small black cat who is not bipolar. We are pretty sure of this.

I go to a small private liberal arts college where I am majoring in continental philosophy. Everyone there is pretty chill, but for some reason neurotypicals are scarce as hen's teeth. I mean, I know, like, two of 'em. Compared to knowing 4 people with Aspergers, 3 with depression, an entire clique of borderlines, and 2 sociopaths, that is.

In my spare time I knit and play Pokemon with my boyfriend (ADHD). I also like tabletop roleplaying games. Mostly I just write papers. I also like werewolves a lot.

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i think a kitty pdoc would have a terrible time.

all cats are batshit and have disorders of some kind. but in relation to the cat-norm they are just like all the others... so if your cat really was bipolar, would anyone notice anyway?


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Allow me to highjack this thread for just a minute to introduce Joey and Meggie, my furry baby dolls. They are both females and are my best friends.

So welcome all cats. Oh ok, the people too.

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Love the term "neurotypicals". ;)

Quite the MI pedigree you got there.

My cat has psychosis NOS and maybe epilepsy r/t traumatic brain injury. (By that I mean, since being knocked out by a board hit to the head, she hallucinates on a regular basis...this may be seizure activity, we don't know) Valerian root and catnip PRN usually calms this down. Doesn't work well for me, though. :)

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Hey, welcome to the board Protagonist!

I'm certain both my mother and grandmother were bipolar, though their doctor was SO old, I don't think he was even aware of manic depression. His attitude was that they were "attention-seeking women"...terrific! ;) Oh, and I think my brother probably is too...

I know what you mean about neurotypicals...my three best friends...one is bipolar, one is cyclothymic and the other has lupus, epilepsy and chronic fatigue all in one tiny little body and it's no wonder that she suffers from depression...

In fact, most people I know have suffered from serious depression at some point in their lives...we're a cheerful bunch, aren't we? :)

Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you. :)

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Hey, welcome.

nice intro post.

What do you think of the werewolves in new moon? (stephanie meyer). Too tame?

I know everyone has opinions on that book series. It's not great literature by any means, but it managed to entertain me during a power outage at one point, so I'll class it in the same category as Harlequin romances.

To be honest, I LOVED Meyer's take on the werewolves, even though it broke w/ tradition quite a bit. Why? Well, first off, the lycanthropy was hereditary rather than due to some kind of bite or something. I liked the descriptions of their metabolism going crazy and stuff, too.

The vampires? Not so much. (Sparkles? WTF?)

To me, werewolves are the absolute coolest fictional creatures ever. Every so often, they transform into an incredibly resilient but irrational beast, then wake up a few days later worn out and aching and wondering what the hell they were thinking. Poor little pups. I just wanna hug 'em, or maybe share my Seroquel w/ em.

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Very nice pedigree (you, not the cat).

I take "Women's One a Day" vitamin b/c I'm supposed to be old enough to take them.

I don't know any neurointeresting people except my family, who I would prefer to trade for other more interesting people.

One of my cats is passive-aggressive, possibly bipolar. We have two different names for him, one for when he's being good and the other for when he's not so good.

I like werewolves, but I'm not keen on being bit by one. So I'd have to say I prefer plain old wolves.

Welcome to CB. I think you're off to a bangin' start.



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