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this is my first post here,My pdoc has me on 8 meds and i am worried that it is to much.

I am curently on this:

Risperdal Consta 37.5mg -every 2 weeks

Risperdal oral tbl 1mg 2x1

Clozapine 450mg

Effexor 225mg

Remeron 45mg

Lithium 900mg

Lamictal 200mg

Ativan 1-2mg per day

I am diagnosed with BPD and schizophrenia.

Does anybody else take this much meds?

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May I Play? I agree; it matters not how much you take (except for your wallet) if it makes you mind/body better.

Nexium 40mg

Advair 500/50, BID

Astelin nasal spray, BID

Allegra-D, 12 hr, BID

Spironolactone 50mg, BID

Nasonex Nasal Spray

Mucinex, BID

Stool Softeners, 100mg

Abilify 5 mg

Lithium 1650 mg

Topomax 200 mg

Lamictal 200 mg

Lyrica 450 mg

Cymbalta 120 mg

Amitiza 48 mcg

Super B-Complex Vitamin, BID

Vitamin D 1000 i.u. Caplet

Ester-C 1000 mg

Omega-3's EPA 650mg/DHA450 mg Capsules, 2xBID

Enzymes - OTC Caplets, 3xBID

Probiotic Supplements, TID

Women's Multi Vitamins

Seroquel 50 mg or 100 mg PRN

Ultram 50 mg PRN

Soma 350 mg PRN

There are more PRNs, I believe, but this constitutes what I utilize mostly.

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