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going from valproate blood level 50 to 100

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i am currently on zyprexa 10mg, clozaril 50 mg, lithium 700 mg and valproate 900 mg (the depakote or so stuff)

my doc thinks i'm schizoaffective but he says he's not sure. i personally believe it's just bipolar.

so basicly i have a great deal of aggitation and a very nasty case of racing thoughts and VERY deep depression every once in a while, like, half a day every week (along with derealization, which makes him believe i'm a schizo) so I sort of mentioned that i'd like take a bit more valproate and apparently he liked the idea very much. i also tried to convince him that i am not schizoaffective but thats another story.

so. my blood level now is 53 ng,mol,whatever/ml,whatever (range 50-100 (or even 120))

he said he's going to get me to a level around 100.

what should i expect? does any one of you have experience regarding low dose valproate versus high dose valproate? any side effects or warning signs i should have an eye on?

and the most important question: will it work? (i know you cant tell me. i'm just trying to push you to post ;))


polar bear

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