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Sorry that I do not have much to say with regards to DID/PTSD here.

I am still living with my parents due to a (now recovering) 3+ year long infection (been stuck at home 18 months), and they were during all of my childhood very emotionally abusive (mainly Mom) and neglectful (mainly Dad) towards me. Although those tendencies have partially ended, it still makes me sick to step into the house and sleep in the room I grew up in.

Also, my parents both were and are still very selfish, and my mother is extremely reactive and yells at me for being a misogynist (namely when my father makes an expensive financial decision without asking her first; perhaps he deserves the label during those times, but I don't know why it universally falls on me, probably since I'm the young son and he's the old husband).

I am not sure in which ways your older brother had abused you (physical, sexual, verbal, financial, etc. etc.), but I guess I can say I feel at least a part of your pain.

As of now I am job searching like mad (I think my infection has a proven remission, knock on wood), trying to get the money to get the hell out of the house. If your disorders allow it, I strongly recommend doing what you can to get the hell out of there.

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