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Cognitive problems and Valium - do they go away after stopping?

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Hope all is well. I am lucky to have stopped Valium a week ago and avoided any withdrawal so far. I was only on 2mg every day or two but still noticed memory impairment and just generally being dim over the year I was on benzos (5 months on Ativan, 7 on Valium). Annoying as my mind had a good reputation, even on AAPs and I went to top unis as a result.

My question is whether these cognitive impairment symptoms subside or whether they remain, even at a residual level. If they don't, how long does it take for the brain to improve? I have only been on the benzos for a year at a low dose, but I am taking exams in a couple of months, have loads of reading to catch up on and am also starting a new paid job, as well as some volunteering at a local mental health charity. I need my brain back!


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