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hello all !

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hello there

my names Lisa .. ( u'd never of guessed huh ?? ) lol

well i came across this forum completly by accident , looked good so here i am !! ..

i have :




panic attacks

borderline personality disorder and depression .. .... but apart from that im fine !! . ;)

anyway i live in croydon , surrey in the uk .. im 30 years old OMFG ( LISA CRYS !! ) and a stay at home mum ..

( have a 10 year old and a 6 year old )

ive been with my man for nearly 4 years and i met him from a forum !! .. crazy huh ??? ..

anyway this is me so hello .. and i will catch up with u all soon i hope .x.x.x.x

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Lisa, welcome to Crazyboards. It sounds like you will fit right in with the rest of the nutz here.

Please take a moment to read our rules. (You'll see the thing to click on up in the upper left-hand corner.) The rules aren't complicated, but we like to make it clear that we're not a huggy-fuuzy-bunny-and-rainbows kind of place.

Also, all of the mods want to be helpful, so please PM one of us if you have a question.

Check out chat if you feel chatty, and the blog section if you feel bloggy.


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Hey Lisa. Welcome to CB. I'm fairly new here too, and I love it. It's absolutely the best support and information forum for MI that I have ever come across - props to the admin and mods for that! :)

30 years old? That's young my dear...I'm the wrong side of 40... ;)

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