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Pristiq 100mg, anyone else?

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I've been on Pristiq 100mg daily since about November, up from 50mg daily when I started it in September. since it's a new drug, there have been times where its been out of stock but only for a day or so and I never missed a dose. This time however, they are out of it until Monday afternoon and I have missed two days now and will miss at least three before I get my refill.

I woke up this morning (Sunday, second missed dose) with HIGH anxiety. Not wanting to get out of bed but not able to go back to sleep for any good period of time after 8AM. I stayed in bed until 11:30AM and it was torture, nearly an anxiety attack but not quite (I know, my mistake for staying in bed, should have gotten out and started moving).

My question is, can missing two doses do this to me this quickly? I'm also on a very small amount of Klonopin (.25mg morning and .25mg evening) but tapered down to this current dose because I didn't want to be on a Benzo.

Anyone else out there on Pristiq and has missed a few doses? I don't check this site often so any responses can also be e-mailed to mjfarrell5959@yahoo.com or hit me up at mjfarrell5959 on Yahoo Messenger. Thanks.

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