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Hey all, new here and just wanted to say hi...

Wonder if anyone I used to talk to on ezboards are here?

Anyway, I'm a long time depressive, never really got a proper diagnosis, married to a sleepwalking, sleep eating/cooking, PTSD/bipolar/possibly psychotic and/or schizophrenic husband. Fun fun fun!

So...hope I can help a few people and maybe get advice myself, heaven knows I need it!!!

Ciao for now...

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Hi! Welcome to CrazyBoards. When you get a chance, take a look at the rules---if only because they're funny as well as informative.

I'm curious---what kind of site is ezboards? I hadn't heard of it before.

Go ahead and PM one of the mods if you have a question or concern.


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Im actually new to the boards today as well!

So far this place is great!

My Name is Shannon I'm from Northern NJ and I'm so happy there are other people out there on the same meds as me and can talk to me regarding them. My family is like SHUT THE FUCK UP MAN!


Thanks for being here! ;)

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