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Has anyone used a full spectrum light for Seasonal Affective Disorder?

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After doing some research I ordered a full spectrum light made to treat seasonal affective disorder. I am soooooooo lazy and tired in the winter. Motivating myself to do much of anything is very hard. I find myself skimping on the things that I know I need to do from day to day. I want to exercise, because I enjoy it, but I can't bring myself to do it. Meanwhile my house is a mess. In the summer I am much busier and I do a lot more.

What I want to know is, has anyone here tried using the light ? What kind did you use and how did it work? The kind I ordered is full spectrum 10,000lux. I believe it is an apollo. I did not order one of the new blue wave lights, due to some evidence that suggests it causes retina damage.

If anyone has any info on this topic, please share! Thanks!

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the only one I tried was too bright for me and I hated it, so I'm no help here...sorry.

what I do use is a 'full spectrum' light bulb [the purple bulb kind] right at my desk here so everytime i'm at the computer it's on and I can actually have the bulb in my periferal vision without too much pain.

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I used a "box" full spectrum light last winter and just started using it again this winter. I don't remember where I ordered it from, but it is 10,000 lumen as well.

I sit about one foot away from it for 30 minutes every morning. I read, eat breakfast, etc while I'm "sunning".

Its helped me quite a bit, another tool in my tookit, if you will.

I hope you get good results out of yours!



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