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Hi! I'm currently undiagnosed in what problem I have, but my doctor (MD, not psych... don't have a psych yet because they're clogged up for the next month) thinks I'm schizophrenic or schizotypal, so he put me on Zyprexa.

While it had been working at first to get rid of my hallucinations (2.5 mg), I found that it slowly began to stop working. Then he boosted me up to 5 mg, and after 4 days, it's starting to seem like I'm hallucinating about 16 hours after taking it.

I've already gained 15 pounds on this pill (evil little thing), and I've found my nerves a lot calmer and the hallucinations aren't as bad or frequent.

Has anyone else had any experiences with this pill? Suggestions, cautions? Especially suggestions, because I do not like the 15 pounds I've gained in a month while on this thing.

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