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personal relationships - maybe i had a mixed? hypo? or manic? episode.

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I am still not sure how to tell.

Last night I didn't sleep that much, today I woke up feeling really quite good.

I went to my group therapy feeling happy and I was very talkative, said a lot in the sessions, defended people, explained peoples ideas when others didn't understand, I was very social and I am not that open normally.

After I got home then decided I wanted to make vegan croissants, I went out to the supermarket, then I needed to catch a train in the city. Everyone was pissing me off, slow walking people, people in my way, I was abusing people pushing them out of the way.

So I made it home, I started chatting to a good friend on the internet and he blocked me for reason I don't know. ;)

Now I feel down and crap, so I've started drinking and I'm ignoring everyone. Before I got home, from the train station to the way home I felt really angry. People were really starting to annoy me.

I wouldn't think this had anything to do with mania, but I really don't know. As with my previous posts I'm not sure of what anything I feel or do is yet. I'm still on the path to trying to figure myself out.

Edited to add: This isn't the first time I've lost good relationships for reasons I don't understand, but it's really painful, it's really confusing, is it just me? or do have some of you guys have this happen? I feel so alone at the moment, so confused, I wouldn't care if I lost a relationship if I knew the reason behind it.

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Your description perfectly describes me in a mixed state.

First things first (I know this from experience)-Are you sure he blocked you?

I ask this because when I am in a mixed state, I fear that if a friend doesn't call then they hate me and all that jazz.

Once, I was on the phone with a friend, having a normal conversation, when the phone hung up on her end...I assumed she hung up on me for no other reason except that she secretly hates me. I got all irate, upset and ready to rip her head off when the phone rang....she lost cell signal when she went inside a store. That was it. After a few minutes, it dawned on me how stupid it was to assume that she hung up on me because she hated me.

See where I am coming from?

I hope this doesn't last long...have you had a recent med changes?

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Yeh I know he did put me on block, I have a script for Messenger Plus that tells me if people have blocked me.

It's crap, I have only one closeish friend left. One of my older friends who is a psycho controlling sociopath has made it her mission to poison all of my relationships with friends. ;)

I feel like moving cities/states and starting over again.

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