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lamictal works...then it doesn't...then it does...then it doesn't...

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lamictal seems to be working for me. i'm still only at 50 mg. i went back down to 25 mg when i had that little rash on my neck/upper chest and am now at 50 mg til the 22nd.

last time when i went up to 50mg the first week of it was great. i had hardly an irritable moment. i was even steven. then the 2nd part of the week i was irritable and not so great...

i figure this is a 'taste' of what it can be like when i hit that magic dosage with this med. it seems like this is 'the one' from what i've seen. so i figure i'll get to my perfect dosage sooner or later...with hopefully no more rashes. (hoping that was from something else, my mom's lotion, maybe?)

do most of you find that when you have found your happy pill that this same thing occurs...? i have never had this happen as i have yet to find that right med for me...but as i said, i think this is the one...i have had wonderful glimpses of a more stable and saner future with it...

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thanks susanb. my pRN is being cautious and doesn't want to mix too much into my cocktail as i got that little rash so we want to be sure we don't start new things right now...want to see what the lamictal does on its own (with the zoloft i was already on...that imho isn't doing squat!)

also, i think besides the reason for not wanting to mix it up too fast/too much, i am nursing my son and pRn says that limits us as to what i can take right now. i like that she is cautious about this...

i'm hoping for the lamictal to be enough. did you go up from 50mg to 75 mg or to 100mg?

thanks for your reply so soon...

this is very similar to what happened to me as i went up in dosage. it got better the higher i went until, at 200mg, things settled in pretty well at about 2 weeks. mood stabilization isn't that great for lamictal anyway if you're less than (i think) 100mg.

you're also a rapid cycler and you're not on an antimanic. lamictal and zoloft don't really control mania all that well. you might just not be addressing the mania portion.

you'll know better when you hit 100, 150, 200 etc.

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I don't exactly remember why, but I increased at 25mg all the way to 200mg. Initially, I think it was a slight unrelated rash.

I watched a lot of people on another board start Lamictal. It's a weird med. Some didn't feel anything until over 100mg. Some found depression relief with the first 25mg. Some were fine at one dose then felt horrible at another to return to feeling fine when the dose was increased yet again. I'd guess that maybe you got a taste of what it might eventually do for you.

As susan said, Lamictal doesn't act like much of a stabilizer until over 100mg. It's an activating med, too. So, with it plus Zoloft, you could need an antimanic to counteract all the activation. Dunno, but it's something to keep in mind. Phasing out the Zoloft before adding an antimanic is worth talking to your pRN as well. Lamictal's AD effects should grow stronger as you increase possibly supplanting the need for Zoloft... especially if Zoloft has lost its umpf and isn't doing anything.

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The manufacturer says the effective dosage is 50 - 200mg, but may be as high as 400mg. We've had a number of members at 500mg.

Lamictal can be somewhat activating or sedating depending on your constitution. Adjust dosing times morn/nite as required.

Hopefully Lamictal you have gotten some nibbles of what it can do. Good luck!


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