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lamictal/cymbalta/provigil combo --from uni to bi!

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Thought I was your basic unipolar and the "bete noir" (what I call my depression) has started rearing it's ugly head...apathy (can't even finish a load of laundry); sleeping (or wanting to) 24/7; od'ing on sweets; becoming disatisfied with even the fun things in life...and there has been no major event to trigger this, so I am really ticked off!  Burst into tears at the pdoc's office this morning and she thought that I may actually be bi-polar.  Shocking news, but explains why when I am on my "A" game; I am really, really on top!  I've spent 2 weeks on cymbalta and have weaned off percoset (I posted on another board that I was using 1 -2 percoset a day to perform at work.)  P-doc is starting me on Lactimal and continuing the Cymbalta and I begged for Provigil as I can't afford to lose my job because I am waiting for this smorgasboard of medicine to kick in.  I was a bit afraid of Lactimal but I have seen others on this board have great results and as every other AD has pooped out; I am hoping this might be the right formula.  I am also shocked at the bi-polar disorder; I guess it takes some getting used to the diagnosis. 

I fought and clawed my way back from the depths of hell last year--where I lost everything--and now I am in a good, productive space in my life.  I will not let this illness get the best of me ever again. 

Just had to get this all off my chest...thanks for listening. 

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