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Zopiclone - hooked? Withdrawal?

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Been taking Zopiclone, 7.5mg for difficulty sleeping.

Kinda got to the point where if I don't take it I'm just tossing and turning all night, waking every hour or so when I do finally drop off.

Mind you, doesn't always work...as in, it gets me to sleep, but doesn't stop the waking numerous times in the night WHEN I FEEL HYPER. Dunno if they are truly manic episodes, but that's another story.

IF I were to stop taking them, either by winding down dosage or just like that, how long would I need to allow to get back to a pattern of sleep, normal or otherwise, that is not affected by withdrawal from the Zopiclone?

And what constitutes being hooked in the first place?

Any experiences? Any advice?

PS not having them in the house to aid willpower ain't an option - hubby takes them too ;)

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