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I StumbledUpon here

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Hello all.

My name is renaeden, I'm nearly 32 and I am from Western Australia. I am about to go to university for the first time. I think that is part of the issue. I am feeling well and I am scared of losing that and then not being able to go to uni. Because again, that would be something I can't finish due to being crazy.

Diagnoses: Some stuff

Meds: Some pills

Hospital stays: A few times

I am very glad I found this place. It will take a while to find my way around because it is so big! It is good to see topics with straighforward posts by people. No eggshell treading. I don't want that. I don't want to give that.

I don't know exactly what to say regarding my dx and rx, I guess it is easier to answer questions and post in other threads. As always on a new board it is hard to know where to start, any hints on that? Don't really want to barge in where I am not wanted, heh.

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Hey, welcome to Crazyboards! We're glad you found us.

The first thing you might want to do is read our rules. It sounds like you already did because you knew about eggshells. heh

So you might want to start reading the forum that concerns your diagnosis. (I made a beeline for the Depression forum when I first arrived.) Or poke around and read about the meds you take. It might help you if you're having uncomfortable side effects, or if you don't know about drug interactions.

If you are interested in "meeting" some of the other people here, you can go to chat, or to the blog section.

I guess your best bet is to read what interests you the most. Just so you know, it's Sunday morning here in the US, and this place is often pretty quiet on Sundays. And I think it's the Superbowl today (big football game), so a lot of Americans will be glued to their TV sets. So if you ask a question, don't be hurt if you don't get an immediate response.

If you don't understand something, feel free to PM a mod.


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First of all, hello and welcome! You may want to use the search feature to see if a topic you are interested in has already been posted. You can find a lot of good info on people's experiences on certain drugs that way. Or just click "view new posts" at right top of the page. Or rummage through the main page. Whatever you find easier. I hope you like it here as much as I do!

But shame on Olga for thinking the Superbowl is on today. It's next week. But nobody really cares anyway. The matchup stinks!

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Hi, great you found us, ditto what's been said already, and hope you find it useful.

I am still finding my way around, but in a weird way it feels like I've been here months already ;)

Everyone makes you feel so welcome. And I hate eggshells too!!!

I'm your age and "contemplating" uni too. Talked myself out of it for now, but who knows what the future holds. Scared of having to chuck it all in and waste another opportunity due to being ill. Again. So I can relate to your situation, and I applaud you for being brave enough to go ahead and do it anyway!

Dx and Rx are not always important, I like to deal with specific issues as and when they come up rather than get bogged down in the detail of my illness. Having said that, at the moment my Dx and Rx ARE the issue!!! Seeing a pdoc next week to sort that hopefully. Anyway, I'll stop waffling now and wish you luck in finding the threads that will help you most. It IS a big board, but that means there's even enough room for me and my great big gob! :)

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Wow thanks for the welcomes. ;)

I have seen the crazy student thread, I think I will be posting in that one. At uni I will be studying............................. PSYCHOLOGY! Teehee. I would like to go into research.

I really really don't want to get depressed or anything but I am aware that it probably will happen. The last bad bout of it was just a few months ago but I changed medication and stopped it in its tracks, thankfully.

I am glad I have found a board where I can post about this sort of stuff, thanks again!

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At uni I will be studying............................. PSYCHOLOGY! Teehee. I would like to go into research.

I really really don't want to get depressed or anything but I am aware that it probably will happen.

am quite tuckered out and kinda fuzzy from lack of sleep, so excuse the list format since it'll help me not ramble too too much-

(no particular order)

  1. welcome to cb!
  2. these boards have saved my patootie more than once, trust me, you'll learn a lot here so jump right in.
  3. the med boards are a wealth of information-- I never would have found my med 'cocktail' that kicked my depression's butt without all the input here
  4. I would totally be a psychology major if I hadn't followed the photography route (art and design school, not so great psych dept.) so that's awesome, I'm a little jealous
  5. don't *count on* getting depressed "or anything" any time soon, you psychology student you, that's called a self-fulfilling prophecy ;)
  6. am not kidding actually: preventative is good, stable medication is good, planning and creating support in case you need it is good, knowing your warning-signs is good. waiting for the other shoe to drop is hell and completely useless.
  7. are you functional now? yes? make the most of it, but don't go predicting an imminent demise.
okay, whoops so I rambled on anyway, but at least it's not all one long sentence (my 10th grade english teacher would just DIE if she ever saw one of my posts-- poor Mrs.Brewer).

time for bed, again welcome,


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Welcome! ;)

Meg, I guess I should have written "could" instead of "probably". Yeah that works, heh. Just last year I felt so well, I couldn't believe it was true. Then bit by bit, I started feeling awful. I thought, "Oh no. Not now. I really don't need this. This is most inconvenient. Please not now." And so on. I soon realised it was my medication that was causing the trouble not me. If I hadn't, maybe I would have ended up in hospital again. So I am glad I figured things out.

What concerns me is the fact that medication usually.....runs out on me? Or becomes too low a dose? So I have just have to keep a close watch on how I am feeling.

Am going for a "pre-uni check up" heheh to the doctor tomorrow. Going to make sure my meds are right, etc.

Thanks for your post, you make a lot of sense. :)

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