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new banner ad

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Am I the only person seeing a banner ad at the top of every damn page that says "How long will you last? Do the death test!" It shows a little cartoon graveyard, complete with the Grim Reaper and an evil cackle if my mouse happens to cross over it accidentally.

"Death test" on a MI board?

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I get a different one almost every time and I don't always get a banner ad.

it may be against the google ad policy to post about the specific ads (i think it messes w/the google ad generator thingy), so don't be surprised if this post gets chucked. i don't know the policy myself, VE handles all that. just wanted to give you the heads up in case that happens.

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you may want to dump your cache and history and that might take care of it?

sorry i'm no help there.

my brain is totally fried.

it's probably an ad cookie you picked up from somewhere.

i've read about the facebook ads following people and other weird stuff.

facebook also had some probs w/their ads last year, but i don't remember what because i don't go there.


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can I also suggest AdblockPlus if you have firefox?

it's a free add-on and it's one of my favorite things ever.

you can block distracting or moving ads or (GAH)flashing ads but it does most of them for you.

it's really hard to use other people's computers now though because I forgot how many ads there are everywhere and I'm not good at dealing with them anymore since adblock spoiled me ;)

I do worry sometimes about taking away a source of income for my favorite nonprofit sites?

but I never really clicked on ads anyway..so IDK. you *can* un-block certain sites.

thought I'd mention it


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