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Addl help combatting fatigue while on AD

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I am currently taking Pristiq 50mg ... for about two and a half weeks ... for major depression. My doc

also gave me Concerta to help with the fatigue. However, when I took the Concerta ... about an hour later,

I was ASLEEP for the next four hours, followed by muscles in my upper arms, legs, and even upper back and

neck hurting (neuralgia-like) pain. :) Has anyone else experienced this? ;) And, did you find something else that

did work for the fatigue? Thanks! :)

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Ditto what Lanhua said, basically. I take WB + Lex, and it really helps with the energy bit. Part of the problem is that, for me, lack of energy is a symptom of my crazy, not a side effect of any medication. My pdoc tried to get me to try Pristiq, saying that it worked like a combination of WB and Lex. I was happy with my cocktail and reluctant to change, so I didn't.

Good luck figuring things out!

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hey buttercup,

I know this is a really crappy thing to hear but you might have to wait it out a while longer.

If you're only a few weeks into the med then it's very possible that that side-effect will diminish or go away once you adjust to the change. Zoloft conked me OUT and I was really worried about it when I first started it but it had mostly disappeared in the 2nd month. If you start another med when you're only two weeks into one then it can be very confusing trying to figure out which is working/which is causing what side effect, etc. and a lot of pdocs won't go there. If you do decide to add another AD then I agree with the wellbutrin xl suggestion (been on it a few years, was actually on it when I started the zoloft which I've taken since as well as an aside). Hang in there if you can, but certainly talk to your pdoc and get their take on what you should do.

I gotta go but if you were asking more for suggestions of everyday ways of combating fatigue then I apologize that I totally can't be helpful there. You're talking to a gal who can sleep through the day no problem while taking 60mg (highest most drs will go. same with insurance/pharmacy) of Adderall ;)

Hope it starts getting better soon,

a lot of those first side effects really do subside for most people so don't give up,


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