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Hi there

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Hi all,

New member here. Been directed to this forum by a very good friend! Thought I would just say hello although not sure what to say really as everything is a bit up in the air the moment. Been going through a bad depression at the moment and getting help from all angles which is good (I hope!). Docs are suspecting bipolar but instead of putting me on a mood stabaliser they are increasing my olanzapine to 10mg. This is on top of 60mg of citalopram as well. Had the Crisis team come to visit me today for an assessment because I had been having suicidal thoughts recently. So after nearly eight years of the Mental Health merry go round I am starting to finally get some proper care. Also I have got an emergency appiontment with the pdoc next friday to 'discuss meds'.

Anyway thanks for reading my intro. I think I've put my interests on my page somewhere if anyone is interested.



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Welcome, Beetzart! We're glad you joined our little nutty place. When you get a chance, glance at our rules just so we don't have any misunderstandings down the road. And please feel free to PM any of the mods if you have a concern.

We have several UK members, so I hope you feel at home here.


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And a belated hello from me too...

Not been here that long myself, but love it.

Well, I say not long, but certainly long enough to have posted some waffling topics/replies... ;)

Be warned, I do tend to blather on. And on.

I always say to people here, take what you want and ignore the rest when you read my posts.

Hope you find it as useful as I have!

Welcome :)

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