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Snap, Crackle, Pop & Meg? I swear we're related.

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Those Rice Krispies guys have GOT to be my long lost brothers or something because otherwise there is no way that my joints could possibly crack this much, right?

I move in bed: tailboneSNAP, backpopPOP, shoulderCrack, necksnapsnapSNAPcreakcreeeak

I get up from sitting: tailboneCRACK! (people turn to see what broke.), kneespoppop

I reach for something: elbowSnap, wristCrackcrack

I walk: feetpoppoppopcrack, right hipSNAP, tailbonepop

I'll spare you the list of things that snap/crackle/pop when I stretch in bed in the morning--

it's like JiffyPop or something.

Oh. and my nose now cracks to the right-- like a teeny little pop when it gets pushed slightly to the right-- is uncomfortable when it's stuck over to the left so I just pop it back to the right. WTF?

It's not really *painful* for the most part, just really loud, really uncomfortable, really annoying and not really a pleasant sensation at all. My pdoc laughed out loud when I mentioned this and she's nevereverever heard of this happening to anyone from a med. She thought it was so funny. Now, I KNOW it's not dire, it's not bad as far as side effects go and I don't really expect anyone to *fix* it, but any ideas about what's going on and what I could do?

Keep in mind I'm a pretty healthy 21 year old female, my joints neverever cracked before Lamictal (I couldn't even crack knuckles if I tried.) except for the rare shoulder crack or something like 2x a year. This joint cracking has been happening for about a year and the past 6 months have been beyond noticable.

"Did you hear that??" when I move or get up is a running joke with my friends.

any thoughts are welcome, I know it's weird which is why I've avoided posting about it for months and months :)


(just so ya' know, there have been about 6 BIG crack/pops and 10+ smaller ones during the writing of this post-- and I haven't gotten up yet. Also, I know that crack/joint used together may make some ;) so I tried to avoid obvious punning, lol.

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