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I came across this board when looking for information on Lexapro which I was just prescribed yesterday.

I was told I was clinically depressed in my teens and had always ignored it, I am now in my mid 30's and it seems to be destroying my life, I'm doing sloppy work at my job, my wife wants me to leave (in all fairness I threatened to leave first about 4 months ago).

I have repetitive though patterns, dwell on everything, hate myself, am constantly explaining my actions to people, write out long angry e-mails to people over the smallest things, have a short temper and hear that a lot of people think I'm an asshole, and I seem to constantly seek validation and can only remember feeling happy when someone pays a lot of attention to me (or focuses all their attention on me) if I had a dime for every time someone told me "everything is not about you" I'd be a millionaire.

So, here I am, now seeing a therapist and on my second day taking Lexapro, which so far feels like a caffeine buzz.

Hi everyone.

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hi br,

welcome to cb, I hope you find some of the answers and support you need here.

good for you on looking for help and being able to realize your faults and how they affect others--that's really important. I hope you're seeing a pdoc (psychiatrist) for your rx to lexapro, there's nothing wrong with a good GP prescribing the odd antidepressant but if there's anything more complicated than that going on (perhaps the anger issues) it sounds like it'd be a good idea to get a pdoc on board. getting an appointment with one can take a while, so you could always make an appointment now and cancel later if you're lucky with the lexapro/therapy combo, you know?

anyway, this is advice you didn't ask for, whoops ;)

I'm really glad to hear you've got a therapist-- too many people think that meds are going to fix everything and so they don't have to work at it and are then quite dissapointed when there's no magic fix. anyway, it sounds like you're on the right track- jump right in to posting,


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Hi and welcome to our friendly little nut house. I hope the Lexapro works, but as Meg said, you might want to consult a pdoc if you haven't done so already. I think getting a therapist was a really good step.

Give the drug some time to work. Very few of them have noticeable effects in a few days.


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