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Okay, this is a very weird question. I feel like since i have been on Lamictal i pee A LOT!

The other day, at work , between 9am and noon i pee'd like 5 or 6 times. and like i really had to go!

Could this be from the meds?

If not, then what the hell man? ;)

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Really simple stuff but:

Are you drinking more fluids?

Are you drinking more caffeinated fluids?

Both of those things, obviously, will make you pee more. Maybe you're doing one of them and you're not aware of it.

However, the PI Sheet does list "urinary frequency" as a rare side effect of the drug as reported in clinical trials.

One important question-- Is your urine dark or clear?

If it's clear, it's probably not anything more than annoying. If your urine is dark, it means you're dehydrated, and increasing your non-caffeinated fluid intake would be a good idea.

You didn't specify how long you've been on Lamictal, but it may well be something that's temporary, especially if you've just started or increased your dose.

It is light urine, and very annoying! Leave it to me to have a very Rare side effect!

I have not upped my intake in liquids, that was the weird part!

I actually have been trembling the last week, after going up to 100mg over 2 weeks ago. I have been on lamictal for a month.

He had me jump from 50mg to 100mg within 2 weeks.

I brought myself back down last night to 50mgs so far no shaking today ;)

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You should discuss this trembling and the increased urination freq. with your pdoc. You have to judge whether this is an urgent situation.

I'm not at all surprised, I think these are fairly common side effects. Lamictal often gave me tremors when I exercised a muscle group. The opposite of what Lithium does. I can't remember if I needed to urinate more, its been so long.

Jarod at Crazymeds posed a credible explanation. In epilepsy Lamictal is particularly useful in treating children with "drop" type seizures where all muscle tone is lost. That is, it helps maintain firm muscular tone. We MI folks use it for other effects on the brain, but with this explanation it is not a surprise to have tremors in the body. Increased muscle tone of the bladder would cause increased pressure which would be perceived as a sensation of fullness demanding voiding.

It's a pretty good theory.


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