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vyvanse or adderall?

Guest confused24x7

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Guest confused24x7

I went to the doctor today and the 100mg increase of the vyvanse is just to high for me, seem more anxious without much benefit. Going back to 70mg. I went to 100mg after being on cymbalta for a week.

now I am more nervous and "sped" up, but not getting more focus.

When I first took vyvanse it was like "wow" now I get what this whole add thing is like. Now it just isn't the same. I used to take xanax for the anxiety could that be the difference or is the vyvanse not working or just to much? 70 wasn't doing it but I also wasn't on cymbalta either.

Right now 100mg vyvanse - starting today stopping for a few days or a week, maybe 2 (doctor's preference)

60mg cymbalta

1mg klonopin up to 3x per day

ambien 10mg as needed.

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