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Chimp attack caused by tea laced with xanax

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Graphic story

The news headlines here in CT have been filled over the last two days with coverage of an horrific attack perpetrated by a 14 year old, 200 pound chimpanzee.

While the 70-year old owner was in compliance with all current licensing requirements for owning an exotic animal such as a chimpanzee, the question remains "Why on earth should she have been allowed to own an animal that she could no more control than she could understand?"

Sad tear-filled eyes flooded the news reports; the mourning face of a woman grieving the loss of her companion.

But it was the reporters who were the ones telling us of the other losses to emerge from this b-movie horror flick out take.

Apparently, the chimp was suffering from the affects of being ill with lyme disease, and pitying him his discomfort, the human caretaker of "Travis" laced his tea with xanax. The mind beds in trying to take in the bizarre picture of the two sharing tea time together in the first place, but then further slips into a fun house mirrored view when you take into account the "dosing" of said tea.

I'm further perplexed by the notion that a woman with (presumably) a prescription for xanax would be allowed to continue the completely consuming relationship with this chimp. Not only had she raised him from infancy changing his diapers, but "cooked for him shopped for him and slept with him." Her words. Norman Bates sleeping with his dead mother's corpse has nothing on this twisted relationship.

Now, the true horror unfolds as I have heard reported that xanax causes aggressive behavior in primates. Add to this mix the fact that at 14 years of age, this chimp was in the height of his adolescence and raging with testosterone. And don't forget the newscaster who was quoted as saying that a chimp of this age and weight has the strength of four grown men.

So, when the chimp decided, for reasons as yet unknown to attack a visiting friend of his caretaker, the butcher knife she stabbed him with had no effect. No, he continued ripping off the woman's face, and according to some reports, consuming portions of it.

When, after a frantic 911 call was placed, and police arrived, the chimp went out to attack the cruiser, ripping its door from it's hinges, the police officer -- now suffering just a tiny bit of PTSD I am sure -- confronted with a bloody screaming 200 pound chimp with a knife sticking out of him was forced to do the only thing he could do. Shoot the mutha fucka point blank and end the horror.

The attacked woman is still in critical condition.

Moral of the story: Don't give your chimp xanax.

[link=http://www.wfsb.com/news/18737306/detail.html#-" target="_blank]News Story[/link]

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again - chimpanzees, monkeys, lions (or any kind of big cat), wolves, alligators - whatever!!! - do not make good pets. They are wild animals, and they should be left in the wild where they belong, or in zoos if someone *has* to capture them. They are not house pets and anyone who makes them house pets is just asking for trouble.

I feel sorry for the "visiting friend" who was injured by the chimp.

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ten, thanks for posting this because i only saw bits of it on the news.

im trying to imagine sweet granny with her afternoon tea and sconces. chimp sits across from her for this pleasantry. i wonder if chimp lifts a finger while drinking?

i didnt realize the owner was in compliance. now i wonder about my neighbors.....hmmmm......

i know that there is only a slight chromosome difference. but still...you cant take a chimp to a movie.

its all just sad sad sad for everyone & the chimp involved.


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