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Effexor and Energy, Vomit, and other shit

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I've tryed a ton of SSRI's and I've decided to try an SNRI.

I had a friend who was on effexor and he said it was great so I told my pdoc that I wanted to switch from my celexa to the Effexor.

I'm about a week into the 75mg and tomorrow I'm of to the 150mg. I feel like I'm goin to vomit and I get a little manic at times. Rapid heart rate and a little scattered. But I think it will go away in time.

My question is Effexor going to give me my energy back??? I hate sleeping 15 hours of the day away. Also I tried Welbutrin and it made me paranoid.

So if anyone has tryed Effexor let me know how it went and if it will give me some energy.



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Effexor tends to cause mania symptoms... I personally never could get past that side effect. I have been on Pristiq, the new & improved effexor, for about 2 months, Mania has not been an issue, but I have noticed lethargy and lack of drive.

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